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Turn Missed Calls Into Sales Opportunities


Turn Missed Calls Into Sales Opportunities With!

Your Calls, Covered

Our revolutionary missed call video texting service ensures that a missed call doesn’t mean a missed connection. If you can’t take the call, we automatically send the caller your personalized video message.

  • assigns you a phone number that forwards to your current phone number.
  • Add the new phone number anywhere you want customers to call you. Social media, Google Business Profile, Email Signature, Ad Campaigns, or even your website!
  • Customers that call the new assigned phone number get a personalized video text reply with multiple ways to connect with you. Never lose a new opportunity!

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By calling the phone number above, you are opting-in to
receive text messages from the same number.

Why Choose

  • Want more appointments? Add your calendar link to your Vidis reply.
  • Potential customers have questions? They get answers by viewing your video and clicking the links on your video landing page 24x7!
  • Boost Your Conversions: Increase leads and sales chances.
  • Always On Service: Delight customers even after business hours.
  • Make Genuine Connections: Videos add that personal touch.
  • Kill Call Drop Rates: Cut down missed call dropouts by a whopping 90%.
  • Instant Touch: Bring the speed of texting into your business.
  • End the Voicemail Loop: Say goodbye to endless back-and-forths.

Make It Personal

Create up to 5 response videos
for missed calls.

  • Your account allows you to customize up to 5 different automated text messages and videos.
  • Simply select which one you want as your auto-answer on the fly!

Automatic Video Texts

When someone calls and hangs up, or sends a text message to your assigned number, they will automatically receive a branded text message with a link.

  • Add your logo, custom image, or even your photo to your automated text message
  • Customize the text message with any content you like
  • Each of your 5 responses can have different custom images and text messages linking to a custom video page for that response.

Video Link

Clicking the link in the text message opens a custom video web page.

  • You can customize this video landing page for each of your 5 responses.
  • Shoot a different video for each of your 5 responses

Caller Connects

On the custom video landing page the missed caller can watch your video, book an appointment, leave a message, or even go to your social media profiles.

Call or Text “Hello” Now
To See It In Action!
(833) 607 – 1256

By calling the phone number above, you are opting-in to
receive text messages from the same number.


Customize a response


Add your logo or image & Message


Record a video for each response


Customers get personal experience

What problem does solve for my business?

62% of all businesses in America miss calls every day from potential customers. acts as a catch all so if you can’t answer the phone you don’t lose the opportunity of getting a new customer. Not only replying to missed opportunities, but, automatically creating a personal connection with each one. Imagine if you could automatically grow your business 24/7, wouldn’t you?

Who is good for?

Any business that wants to grow by having amazing personal customer service. Real estate agents can connect with clients who are driving by a property and want more information, Lawyers can tell callers they are currently in court and can’t talk, Doctors can tell patience they are currently in surgery and will get back to them, Restaurants can guide callers to their menu or reservation system, Ad campaigns that want ad a personal touch to their funnel, Anyone who sees the value in creating a personal connection with potential new customers is perfect for

How does work?

After your account is created we assign you a phone number that forwards to your current phone number when someone calls. You can pick up the call as usual, or, if you can’t answer the call and they hang up, the caller will automatically be texted a custom message with your logo or picture, a custom text message from you, and a link where they can view a video from you and connect to you via social media, calendar appointment, or email. Your account includes up to 5 different responses you can set up.

Where should I use my phone number?

Display your phone number anywhere you want new customers to have a personal connection to your business 24 hours a day. Email signature, Signage, Website, Email Auto-responder, Ad campaigns, Business cards, Google business profile listing, Yelp, or even your YouTube descriptions.

How do I get a account?

The first step is to fill out the form below. We will then contact you to discuss the different package options. Once a package is picked, we will then submit approval paperwork with a number provider called Twilio to create a new phone number that will automatically forward to your current phone number. Nothing will happen to your current phone number, so there is nothing to worry about. Getting approval for your new forward number usually takes 4-5 days. Once this is approved you can start using and grow your business, automatically, 24/7!

How much does cost? is a monthly subscription. There are different ways to set up your account, we walk you through this when we do our discovery call. To give some reference, our smallest package starts at $69/month and includes a ton of features that you will love!

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