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All subscriptions include:

Add-on features:

✓ Web-based recording

✓ iOS & Android mobile app

✓ Screen recording

✓ Animated thumbnail preview

✓ Ready-to-use landing page designs

✓ Website overlay

✓ Call-to-action buttons

✓ Customizable video player

✓ Integrations for Outlook & Gmail

✓ Chrome extension

✓ Teleprompter

✓ Trim & merge

✓ Annotations

✓ Social sharing

✓ Real-time view notifications

✓ Detailed reporting & analytics

✓ Video reply

✓ Virtual Backgrounds

✓ Folder organization & team sharing

✓ Video upload & download

✓ Unlimited cloud storage

✓ Video landing page no-code builder

Add-on features:

Custom video landing pages:
$150 per design

Captions & translations:
Starting at $20 per user/per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I limited to how many videos I can record? Store? Share?
No limits! Record as many videos as you like, and store them as long as you like. Thanks to‘s flexibility, you can send as many as you are able through your own email, CRM or marketing platform.

How will I be charged?
The cost of your subscription will be based on the number of users in your account, any add-on features you hope to include, and whether you subscribe annually or monthly.

What’s included in my subscription?
See that big long list above? That’s all yours. No “basic” “pro” or “corporate” packages with different features you have to decide between. We keep it easy and straightforward.

Will the price of my subscription go up after a year?
No way! You’re locked into your price for the life of your account.

What if I have more than one business? Can I use my subscription for all of them?
You can! Just note there will only be one email address associated with each subscription (this is where you’ll receive view notifications). If you plan to go this route, we typically recommend purchasing a custom video landing page for each business.

Can multiple people use the same subscription?
For proper tracking and reporting, each individual user will need their own subscription.

Are there discounts for teams?
There are indeed. For details, we recommend speaking with one of our team members. They can provide you with a quote based on the size of your team, your needs, and how you plan to subscribe.

Does my subscription renew automatically?
Yes, subscriptions are set to auto renew each month/year. If you would like to cancel your subscription, please send a 30 day notice to

Do you charge extra for support?
Never! Our support services are unlimited and always free of charge.